Top EDM podcasts of 2013
by Jon Ekkoe on Monday, June 3rd, 2013 at 6:07 am

Some people probably might not even know what a podcast is, so listen up. A podcast is a pod that is filled with casts. Just kidding! A podcast is a series of digital media releases on the internet. Someone might release a new mix or podcast on a weekly or monthly basis. Sometimes even daily. Usually the person or group releasing the podcast keeps a list of all their podcasts in an archive so you can go back and check out a podcast you missed a few months back or show a friend your favorite show. So if you like a particular genre of music or a certain EDM artist, you can usually find a podcast that fits your taste.

Now that this is out of the way, I’m going to list my favorite or my top EDM podcasts of 2013.  A good solid hour or two of of different genres of EDM that I like to listen to. Let me also make note that these are in no particular order.




A mix of electro house, house, hardcore and hardstyle. New goodies every podcast and usually some Showtek exclusives. Such an amazing amount of music packed into an hour and half monthly podcast. Definately a great edm podcast to add to your list.  I have to admit, it’s strange not hearing them play as much hardstyle as they are known for, but it’s still a nice EDM podcast.




What can I say about Tiesto’s podcast. It comes out maybe 5-6 times a month and it’s two hours of house and techno. Definitely worth a listen to if your a fan of Tiesto or even if your not, it probably has some tunes you could bug out to.




They have only had one release in 2013, but the archives are full of sick mixes. Every podcast has it’s own flow, from dubstep, to house to even the disgraced and shady style of Moonbahton ( just kidding moonbahton lovers ). Take a look through the archives I guarantee you will find something you haven’t heard and love.



Arty’s Together We Are Podcast


Arty is a Russian DJ and Producer known for creating Trance, Progressive Trance and Progressive House. This is exactly what you will find on his podcast. It’s a weekly edm podcast that features an hour long mix from Arty with the hottest selection of tracks from different genres.  You can also listen to this on Sirius XM on Saturday from 1AM to 2AM on Electric Area Channel 52.


Hardwell On-Air Podcast


This is a weekly podcast brought to you by Hardwell, an electro house, progressive house and trance producer from the Netherlands. “Hardwell On Air” will give everyone’s weekend that extra boost, by bringing that trendsetting and original Hardwell sound! Next to Hardwell’s latest tracks, he also has new DJs a shot with his “demo of the week” segment.



Eric Prydz Epic Radio Podcast


Eric Prydz is a Swedish DJ and Producer known for his house, electro house, tech house progressive house and techno. Eric as he takes you on a journey into his musical world with brand new and exclusive tracks from the Pryda camp, unreleased bootlegs, private remixes and the very best music from his live sets. In 2012 his show was monthly, so far in 2013 he has one podcast up for the month of May. Check the podcast archives, you will find some magic.


The Gareth Emery Podcast


Gareth Emery Podcast was given a “best podcast” award and he is also ranked as the world’s number 14 DJ in the world by “DJ Magazine”. This is a weekly podcast of Gareth Emery’s favorite EDM tracks.  Gareth spins so many different genres each week, but you’ll find everything from house to trance. Electronic music lovers will appreciate this EDM podcast.


above-and-beyond-group-therapy-podcast-radioAbove and Beyond: Group Therapy Radio


Above and Beyond, as you may know is a 3 person music production squad from the UK. If you like trance  and progressive, this podcast is for you and is a must. Each show is two hours long and always includes an awesome 30 minute guest DJ set. They play old school tracks, have guest interviews and play exclusives! Add this one to your list folks.


going-quantum-podcastGoing Quantum Podcast


This is a really sweet weekly EDM podcast. Has exclusive mixes and guest mixes every show. The type of genre is listed in the title of the podcast so you don’t have to fiddle around with something that isn’t your style.  They are real big on dubstep, electro and drum and bass. You will also find a few glitch hop mixes in the archive of shows.



W&W Mainstage Podcast


This weekly podcast should provide you with constantly fresh tunes. If your into trance, this EDM podcast might just become your best friend. Mainstage bills itself as “all about showcasing the freshest music”, and that is just what they do. W&W is a music duo that hails from Netherlands and is known for their epic progressive house and trance.


If you have any favorite EDM podcasts that you feel should be added to this list. Let me know and I will add them. Enjoy.



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