The Best Dubstep Remixes of Star Wars Dubstep
by Jon Ekkoe on Sunday, May 26th, 2013 at 8:24 am

I love Star Wars just like the next kid, so I decided to compile a list of all the best Star Wars Dubstep Remixes. I’m almost 30 but I still like to go into my friend’s backyard with his Ultra Saber light sabers and pretend that we are Jedi Masters. With this track list playing in the background and the right substance, hell, we are Jedi Masters. I tried to get 20 tracks together for this star wars dubstep compilation but struggled to find the last one. So if you have a favorite Star Wars dubstep remix you want listed, comment below and I’ll add it. Enjoy this top list of what I feel like are the best Star Wars dubstep remixes.

  1. Zeds Dead – Dark Side Dub
  2. Binary Suns – Coyote Kisses Remix
  3. Dirt monkey – Imperial March
  4. John Williams – Duel of the Fates ( The Noisy Freaks & Dead C∆T Bounce )
  5. PandaLogiks - Tatooine Shuffle
  6. Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes – Cantina Song (Tin Can Telephone Remix)
    102 BPM but still nice.
  7. Ookay – Star Wars
    More trap than dubstep but still brings it star wars stylee.
  8. Cyberoptics – Tie Fighter
  9. Darth & Vader – Return of the Jedi (I.Y.F.F.E ‘s Order 66 Remix)
  10. Dagga – Darth Vader
  11. R!OT – Sith Swag
    More glitch hop than dubstep but worth a listen. it’s done on a live pad too, pretty ill.
  12. Unknown Error
    Although it’s DNB, I’ll consider this a brother to dubstep. if you like dnb or dubstep, give it a go.
  15. Star Wars – Binary Suns (Coyote Kisses Remix)
  16. South Central’s “Star Wars” and the Angger Dimas Remix
  17. Doctor P – Sweet Shop (Bosh’s Use The Force Remix)
  18. Matduke – Dark Powers
  19. Kill Paris – You Have Reached Your Destination
    Considered drum step but who is really counting?

Make sure you like and comment below and let me know if your enjoying these goodies.


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