Morgan 寿命 Freeman – Visual Artist
by Jon Ekkoe on Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011 at 4:58 am

An artist, designer, programmer and internationally known VJ, Morgan Freeman has worked for over a decade with international artists like Erykah Badu, Curren$y, Stalley, Tabi Bonney, Boy George and for DJS Carl Cox, Danny Tenaglia, David Harness, Dimitri, Frenchy Le Freak, Mark Farina, Tall Paul, and Peretz (Perry Farrell), Dirty Dan.  He has also received the honor of “North America’s Top Ten Digital Artists” awarded by Corel and PGA.

Proving to be one of New York’s most sought-after warehouse and club designers for electronic music events, over 10,000 people came through Morgan’s Digital Art Salon at the Hangar in Brooklyn during the summer of 2011 to see his nine-hundred foot panoramic video screen showing a six hour long DADA visual piece.  Morgan has VJ’ed at Webster Hall, Hiro, Velour, The Delancey, Bar 13 and Santo’s Party House.  In 2009, Morgan Freeman placed third in a worldwide VJ competition at the Miami Winter Music Conference.

Since 2009 in New York City, Morgan Freeman has installed interactive art-installations in Williamsburg, Chelsea, and the Lower East Side.  Since October of 2009, NY’s Webster Hall has been featuring I_Alone, Morgan’s thirty-three minute-thirty-three second film, on repeat in their Video-Tunnel.

Beyond his projects in New York, in November of 2010, Morgan Freeman designed and performed for the BET AWARDS Show using an interactive stage for Erykah Badu .  Following this in December of 2010, he was invited to London to design the stage and animation for the Royal Family, for their annual Variety Show.  500,000 million people watch the Royal Variety show each year.

With over a decade of free public-art performances and installations, Morgan has spent the last three-years developing a variety of interactive motion-tracking installations using frame comparison, blob detection, and infrared light.  In 2008 he founded the Slow-Art Movement, creating a series of art-in-motion installations where viewers witness the quietly dynamic evolution of images in layered and unstructured light.

In 2009, Morgan brought projection-mapping to North America-by way of the Orlando Science Center. Over 3,000 people attended the gala.  You can catch the innovation in projection mapping and art that Morgan has on display in Brooklyn every Tuesday night at FREE CANDY’s Digital Art Salon.

Believing in community and service beyond his own creative endeavors, Morgan was given the Global Citizenship Award for the time, energy and money he raised for Haiti in 2010.  His sold-out photography show was a 100% donation to Haitian rebuilding, and his fundraiser at Webster Hall raised worldwide donations and attention.

Currently, Morgan also works full time as a photojournalist and cover photographer- published online and in print with an international magazine circulation of over 5,000,000.


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