Kavinsky posts flyer of him on a lineup with Daft Punk, people think it’s real but was only an art project!
by Jon Ekkoe on Saturday, June 1st, 2013 at 8:45 pm

kavinsky-sikes-out-fans-with-flyerThe internet went wild for a moment when Kavinsky posted a picture on his instagram of a bill showing a concert with him, Daft Punk, Phoenix, Air, Justice, Cassius and Sebastien Tellier. The excitement was only for a moment when the internet realized that L’Elysée Montmartre, the venue on the flyer had actually burned down in 2011.

In 1900, the venue was damaged by fire, and was re-decorated. The concert hall suffered another fire on March 22, 2011, and is currently closed to the public.

Internet sleuths then found out the design for the flyer was made by French street artist Andre Saraiva ( www.monsieura.com ).  Later, he said that this is an art project. The flyer is located in Venice, and L’Élysée Montmartre is in Paris.  Regardless, great promo.

Maybe after seeing how many people were sooped up, they will actually arrange a real show with the same lineup.  How much does it cost to get to Paris these days?


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