FEATURED: DJ Ghost Runner UnderNYC DNB Exclusive!
by Jon Ekkoe on Friday, June 15th, 2012 at 3:42 am

What a special treat just in time for my birthday.

DJ Ghost Runner recorded this UnderNYC.com Drum and Bass Exclusive. You might remember him from a post I made a few weeks back called “99 TRACKS IN 99 MINUTES”.. This time around he has done an UnderNYC exclusive, “30 TRACKS IN 30 MINUTES”.

Drum and Bass is my favorite genre and tonight when the clock strikes 12′ it will be my birthday. So happy birthday to me. Don’t forget to check out more Ghost Runner under the exclusive. Press play and enjoy the mix!

About Ghost Runner

“Twisting Vinyl Is A Form Of Emotional Communication Where The DJ Doesn’t Have To Say A Single Word”

DJ Ghost Runner has been immersed in the drum & bass EDM circuit since the mid 90′s. In 1997 he worked for Lion at HomeBass, alongside Py & Melissa of Mama Jump, NJ. Once he recognized his desire to become involved, DJ Ghost Runner pursued his musical ambition and became a local junglist amongst the NYC movement. After countless hours studying the art form of mixing jungle and drum & bass he was given his first chance at DJ’ing, for Janettix at a local Sunday party called ‘Selection Sundays @ M-Bar’. He linked up with Mike Katz from Understand Inc. and performed at events for him too. Then in 2005 Christian Bruna of Camouflage 50/50 gave DJ Ghost Runner a chance to shine at the infamous CAMOUFLAGE NYC WEEKLY. It was at this venue that DJ Ghost Runner learned to move with the crowd, and to move the crowd.

DJ Ghost Runner was then taken in by, and joined forces with, Automatik NYC, run by Victor 9X. By 2007 he started to take bookings with his great friend the MC DYLZ, and began terrorizing the scene with a mixture of jump-up and straight up-and-down filthy bass throbbing beats. The synchronization of the duo was a force to be reckoned with, and the two also became founders and members of the underground rave crew known and unknown by partygoers as ‘Werd Alot Family NYC’, also started by Adam Cacio, Pope Oh Zee and Janettix aka Janette Hawks.

Listen to More DJ Ghost Runner

Check out these links below for more Ghost Runner. He has some nice DNB skills. Make sure you LIKE his FaceBook page and check his videos out on YouTube.




  1. Jon Ekkoe says:

    Really nice mix Ghost Runner! Thanks!