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May 19, 2012 @ 9:00 pm - 4:00 am

| $15 before 10pm

Elite For
♥ Heart of Brooklyn ♥
Proudly presents,the next installment of
and we present to you….


As your coming out of the Kandii Clouds and into the Kandii Forest, things aren’t as sweet as they seem to be….
As the trees get heavier and the clouds darken , you must conquer and destroy in order to get through this eerie journey before you. Now its your time to start gearing up and grabbing Kaandii armor off the trees because its time to………. RAGEE!!!



COMP GAMES ARE BACK AGAIN!!…Change your default to our flyer from now until the event night ,,the person who keeps it the longest with out changing it gets a comp pack ;) but thats only one game ,,,more to come soon ;)

Were also celebrating the Birthday of one of our very own Dj’s
☣Georgii Vodka☣♥

15 before10pm this event will fill up fast so Please be early


~~~! LiNE-UP !~~~


☣SMILEE☣ (Booty House)

☣ANIMUS☣ (Hard techno)

☣ BILL BLACK ☣(Minimal Tech/ Electro House)

!-(TAG SET)-!
☣SUBTONiX☣ / ☣SYNCERE☣ (Hardstyle)

☣ BEAST ☣ ( Hardstyle )

☣NOOMiRA☣ (Dark Progressive House)

☣GEORGI VODKA☣ (Dirty Dutch)

☣W@X☣ (Dirty Electro Fidget)

☣GOREFACE ☣ (Dirty Electro)

☣ JAKE DUKES ☣ ( Dirty Deep Progressive House)

☣NiCK@NiTE☣ (Hardcore)

☣RON-K☣(Psy Trance)

☣FROSH☣ (Hardstyle)

☣CaptnP4nda☣(Electro Hou5)

☣ DJ KiD HYPE ☣( Mixed EDM)


Don’t forget about Electrik Graffiti’s ‘Tournament of Champions’ for gloving Competition is being held at
☣RAGELAND☣! Hosted by Electrik Graffiti themselves

Always bringing the scene something brand new and innovating to higher levels of creativity and style ;)


~~~DJ’s BiO’S/MiXES~~~


Subtonix is an American Hardstyle DJ and producer who’s been involved in the scene since 2008. Born and raised in Brooklyn New York his love for the harder styles is fueled by hard hitting bass and screaming melodies.

Starting his career as an average party goer he quickly moved up in rank and founded Nuorder Productions. Since then he has shared the stage with names such as Frankie Bones, Lenny Dee, Rob Gee, Delirium, Delta 9, Hypertech, John Bas, How Hard, The Hardbass Addicts, and more.

Subtonix will continue to push the boundries of his DJing, and support the music that he loves; Hardstyle.




☣☣SYNCERE☣☣ (Hardstyle)

One of the four horsemen of the BROOKLYN UNDERGROUND and newest member of NYC/Unveil Music, DJ SYNCERE has over a decade on the decks and is continuing to rise to the top of his game.

DJ SYNCERE was born in New York City, raised in The Bronx, and was introduced to the club scene at the tender age of 13. He got his first taste of EDM as soon as he stepped into the world famous nightclub, Limelight. The vibe of over 700+ club kids combined with electronic music changed this young man FOREVER. From then on, he was addicted to electronic music and has been in and out of clubs, raves, weekly parties, and just about ANY party you can attend to hear pounding, hard bass in NYC, ranging from Drum-n-Bass to Gabber.

Though a late bloomer to play live, he debuted at the largest Hardcore EDM event, 666 MASSIVE. Since then, he has graced the many stages of RAGE-sponsored events and has taken the NYC rave scene by storm. DJ SYNCERE has kept it underground for the duration of his rising career, premiering at almost every OUTLAW rave NYC has had to offer in the past three years. He was considered 2011’s top Hardstyle act in NYC and has induced outbreaks of manic dancing wherever he has performed.

His specialty is Hard Trance and Hardstyle but he hopes to evolve as a DJ and as an artist so he can spin along side some of the greatest DJs to emerge out of NYC (E.g. Frankie Bones, Delirium, HeathCliff, Jen Mas, Smile-E, Jon Bas, Galvatron, Integrity, How Hard, Ritalin, Big Ears, Jon Dough, DJ Drei aka The Digital Pimp, DJ CIM aka The Italian Stallion, Teddy Glow, Ryan Blatt, Dream Master, and S-Factor.)

DJ SYNCERE is a music mix-master and an underground tour de force. You will not see him coming but YOU’LL KNOW WHEN HE ARRIVES.





☣ BEAST ☣ (hardstyle)

In the Fall of 2005 BeAsT was introduced to the world of electronic dance music going to his first EDM party Cloud 909 featuring DJ’s such as How hard , and Integrity. Being involved in the scene for since 05 years he returned in late 2009/2010 and fell deeper into the harder styles of music. During the Summer of 2010 BeAsT was influenced by various DJ’s to Press play. With the Help of close friends such as Animus & Chewy BeAsT has developed and has become a crowd pleaser to those who look for a reason to dance.

Moving Crowds in all boroughs of NYC and making a special appearance in Shibuya,Tokyo japan his improvisation of style of music make him very unpredictable and will always keep the crowd in anticipation of what he will play next

With a wide array of genre’s ranging from the Danceable beats of Minimal techno , Electro , Deep house , and progressive trance to the intense arrays of Hard techno , Dubstep , hardstyle and hard house He continues to develop a sense which not only focuses on the harder styles of dance but also the dance friendly genres and keeps the flow of the crowd on their toes
For booking info email beast1x5@yahoo.com



Animus hails from good old Brooklyn, NY. Techno pumps through his veins especially the sounds of Hard Techno. After discovering his passion for DJing, he made his way into the nightlife of Okinawa, Japan, in 2004, earning his stripes on turntables, in various clubs and events. When he came back to NYC two years later he was on a mission to make crowds go mad in primal rage on the dance floor. From the industrial scene to the underground electronic dance scene Animus has become known throughout NY and beyond making his anthem known. He combines the sounds of hard techno, hard house, ghetto tek, and dubstep to deliver raw urban energy. Another side of Animus is the ability to deliver the same lustful energy as he spins tech house and minimal. With his versatility and unique sound he manipulates music in a manner that keeps the crowds hungry for more. Soon Animus is bringing himself to a whole new level, with several tracks produced this artist will be making his mark as he releases his first EP this coming summer, and starts to dive into live P.A. Animus will continue to represent the underground of NYC as he moves forward to unleash his hard techno power onto the world.
For booking info send an inquiry to DJ.ANIMUS.NYC@GMAIL.COM

☣NOOMi RA☣☣ (Dark Progressive House)

Noomi Ra Born in Frankfurt, Germany & growing up in New York, London, Dubai & everywhere in between. At a young age he was always interested & listened to electric dance music but, never got into playing his own. Finally in 2008 he started experimenting with DJing playing his first gig on September 27 2010. Since then its been a roller coaster ride from bringing in the new year @ the electric warehouse for over 2000 people on NYE to playing Pacha NYC and most recently playing the Dance.Here.Now festival on Governors Island. Since then his name has been on line ups with some of the biggest name the EDM world has to offer such as Afrojack, Skrillex, Fatboy Slim, Ken Loi, James Zabiela, Headhunterz, Dj Eco, Breakfast, Hellfire Machina, Donald Glaude just to name a few The genre he plays he likes to describe as Electro Trouse but, he plays a lot more including: Trance, House, Progressive, Electro, Minimal, and Techno.





☣☣GEORGI VODKA☣☣(Dirty Dutch)

One of the youngest and most humble in the hard dance community , hes a fresh face with fresh flavor , Georgi was taught most his skills on the decks by what we thought were the leaders of hardstyle till this young grasshopper quickly exceeded the skills of the masters and put there energy to shame ..




☣☣ W@X ☣☣(Dirty Electro Fidget)

Brandon “W@xMasster” Berkeley began his journey through the vast world of music at the very curious age of 5. Everything from classical to pop to grunge to metal captured his developing mind before finally falling in love with house music at age 9. Having experienced dance music scenes in France, Panama, Brooklyn & Queens(New York), W@x decided to start mixing his own favorite tracks at home as a teen. It wasn’t until November 2010 that the young dj decided to set his sights on the NYC EDM scene he has grown to love. Through hard work and hours of practice everyday, W@x is slowly working his way through the ranks of young multi genre Djs in NYC. He has recently shared event lineups with; Neophyte, Atomic Babies, 2rip, Cutman, Venom, X-dream, John Bas, and Dj Knowledge. And even more recently W@x has become the newest addition to the event production/promotional company Digital Distortion(NYC).


☣☣GOREFACE☣☣(Dirty Electro)

Born and raised in Queens Ny, Oscar aka Dj Goreface has always had a strong connection to music. Starting out young listening to Beatles tracks and playing the saxophone you can now find Goreface pushing buttons and creating bass fueled mayhem behind the decks. Slowly teaching himself little by little by getting his grubby little fingers on any type of dj/sound production equipment he can get his hands on Goreface has developed a unique brand of showmanship and is sure to dominate the dance floor at a venue or outlaw near you.



☣☣JAKE DUKES☣☣(Dirty Deep Progressive House)

JAKE DUKES began his DJing career at Meant 2 Be During the Summer of 2011. Meant 2 Be was the crucial make or break point for Jake Dukes… With a crowd of over 2-300+ outside of THE HANGER, Jake Dukes threw down a dirty electro set that had people dancing all throughout… This event was what started the hype and informed people what Jake Dukes was all about.

Now, in 2012, Dukes has performed at many events and shown many people what he is made of. He is determined to spread his style to thouands, millions, however many possible…

Jake Dukes loves feeding off the vibes of the crowd… The more you put out the more he throws down. Keep that in mind when seeing Dukes Live…


<333333 See you Soon! <3333333

[12BB//One Nation Under Groove//Chemical Warfare Records]



Vinyl Hardcore Underground NYC EDM DJ. During the last few years of his life, DJ Nick@Nite has been wrapped in the world of DJ’ing. Music has been a major role in his life sense he could recall. Bringing his Intense Build ups and Diverse sounds too Brooklyn is a very great accomplishment. DJ Nick@Nite is known for his Hardcore/Gabba Sets being mixed with nothing but Turntables and CDJ’s. He Does everything he does with old school roots and would rather plug in a pair of headphones and let loose on the wax! He also has played with some Electro/Hardtechno/Minimal/Dubstep. Nick@Nite Has played gigs for many different Promoters over the last few years.





Ron K has been a part of the Brooklyn rave scene for over a decade, he’s been bringing back the energy into the NYC nightlife through progressive psytrance and new sounds. Influenced by some of the greatest artists Telemaska, Astral Projection, and Yahel, Ron K is always pushing the limits of the group music experience. Drawing from creative artistic ability he transforms sets of both music and stage into works of art for all to enjoy. Unrestrained by social influences, he continues to produce the new standard of music and art for his fans. Keep checking in with this artist, and prepare yourself for the new era of psychedelic expression.







☣☣CAPTN P4NDA☣☣ (Electro House)




☣☣KID HYPE ☣☣( Mixed EDM)

DJ Kid Hype is a 23 Year Old DJ,Producer & Nightlife Photographer who was born in Brooklyn New York. Starting his DJ career in 2009 performing at various events from house parties to charity events, school campuses, bars & lounges.Known for Bringing his hyper crazy persona to get the crowd going he also brings a verstile style to his sets with his unqiue diverse Library which ranges from House, Electro, Dubstep, Moombahton & Top 40. DJ Kid Hype have his own Podcast series on iTunes (Believe In The Hype) which generates 6 figure downloads per episode and also have a YouTube music channel which have a total 60,000+ views up to date and still counting.Currently Producing music DJ Kid Hype has created buzz from the moombahton community for his track ‘Expedition’ which featured in a major label blog ‘Mad Decent’ and is supported by Moombahton top artists such as Munchi & David Heartbreak. DJ Kid Hype is working on future hits from styles like House, Dubstep & Dance Music. On his free time he’s a Nightlife photographer that shoots at various events around new york city and sometimes his own events; his pictures can be seen in countless of music blogs across theinternet. This is just the begining for DJ Kid hype; he’s is gearing up to rock the dance floors all across the the Countryone state at a time.



☣Ronnie Compton Corado☣


☣Taylor Seven-Divine Flash☣


☣Tiffany Reptar☣


☣Nate Valentine BlueRaven☣


☣Wish Onmeh☣



☣ ThreeFourteen Media ☣


This is a little something he Captured at our previous




Morgan 寿命 Freeman is a artist, designer, programmer and internationally known VJ.

Morgan received the honor of “North America’s Top Ten Digital Artists” awarded by Corel and PGA. In 2009, Morgan Freeman placed third in a worldwide VJ competition at the Miami Winter Music Conference. Morgan has worked over a decade as a Visual artist for International stars like Erykah Badu, Curren$y, Stalley, Tabi Bonney, Boy George and for DJS Carl Cox, Danny Tenaglia, David Harness, Dimitri, Frenchy Le Freak, Mark Farina, Tall Paul, Peretz (Perry Farrel)

BIO: http://www.undernyc.com/wp/2011/11/morgan-freeman-visual-artist/


PAST CLUB DESIGN: http://vimeo.com/bluecrash/design1
PAST GALLERY INSTALL: http://vimeo.com/bluecrash/emptychairs

website: bluecrash.com




Loved and admired by his many fans, Kevin Carpet’s unique take on performance art has become a widespread sensation across the underground scene. From the massive Disco 2000′s Days at the Limelight, to Gothic, Hipster, and Rave Events, Kevin has been mentioned in numerous magazines and papers, including TimeoutNY, FHM, Daily News, Village Voice, Rolling Stone, and many others.
In addition, Kevin was approached to appear in documentariy films produced by the National Geographic Chanel (NATEGEO), The Learning Chanel (TLC) and most recently, Canal Plus (HBO of France)




This company was founded by a NYC DJ and a promoter with a shared love for club driven sound. The main idea behind Audiolust is to network with everyone who performs or promotes music in a live setting and to help them improve their events, clubs and venues. We do live sound, equipment rentals and installations for bands, clubs and DJs of all styles. Our focus is on professionalism. All of our equipment is top-of-the-line and staffed by our own certified engineers. All of our gigs are powered completely by our own systems. Our current services include club installations, sound systems, full PA packages, DJ systems with or without DJ’s, Intelligent lighting with on site programming, sound reinforcement with sound tech, video productions with VJ’s and projectors, event planning, graphic design, promotions, and photography for your events.

We have been doing this for over 10 years and we continue to grow and add to our services.




☣☣!!>Electrik Graffiti:<!!☣☣

Whether you are looking for crazy styles and designs that stand out from the crowd or just an everyday outfit to stroll around in, we can take care of all your needs. We carry everything from handmade custom scoodies and fluffies made with cuddle-tested furs, to a selection of LED rave gear including clear MicroMax casing glove sets. Plus if we don’t have exactly what you are looking for in stock feel free to email us as we are willing to handle custom orders as well. YOU name it ,WE GOT IT ;)




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Please feel free to add the ceo’s of Heart of Brooklyn for any tattoo related ,Events and update needs…
Eddie Tats
Kat Smith



May 19, 2012
9:00 pm - 4:00 am
$15 before 10pm
Event Category:


Brooklyn, NY United States


Kat Smith and Eddie Tat Toos Malloy